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Over at, Time Warner Cable wants to help you choose the very best internet package for you. You know, right after you let it know whether these are dude or lady internet needs we're dealing with. Because apparently, that matters.

After going through the process for both genders, it's clear that Time Warner is just trying to figure out which avatar is most applicable. The rub, however, comes in the fact that gender is being lumped in with both household type and devices as a determining factor for your ideal internet solution. A distinction that has gotten many a tech company into trouble in the past.


So Time Warner, a bit of advice: Just ask users to pick an avatar. Gender does not an internet package-qualifier make. [ via @leppert]

Update 4:08 pm:

A Time Warner Cable spokesperson has confirmed that it is indeed simply about choosing an applicable avatar, saying:

The inclusion of gender is strictly for avatar purposes to make the experience a little more personalized depending on who is going through the demo.

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