Tweaked UI Spotted in Snow Leopard: More Changes to Come?

Despite having showed no changes to the OS X UI at WWDC, it looks like there are at least a few tweaks in the new test build. Could the minor changes spotted already indicate more are to come this fall?

We all know Snow Leopard was designed for speed and stability rather than a UI upgrade, but that doesn't mean Apple won't include a whole bunch of tweaks at the same time. Ars Technica has spotted a few in a new test build of the OS. For one, the right-click menus in dock items is changed to a white text on black background, as in Stacks, rather than the staid black-on-white it is now. It's not a big deal, for sure, but we wonder if it means there'll be a bunch more tweaks for the sake of consistency. There are three months left until Snow Leopard's September release date, so who knows what Apple can bang out before then. [Ars Technica]


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