Tweeting Photos via SMS Could Revolutionize News

If you own a smartphone, the possibility of tweeting a photo via SMS probably means nothing to you. But, if you're still rocking a regular mobile phone, or in a country that has no mobile Internet access, sending photos via SMS is exciting news.


Twitter announced the new "share a photo via text" feature today. While most Twitter feeds consist of links to cat videos and snarky remarks about HP, Twitter and Facebook are quickly becoming important tools for local journalists and activists to share information about conflicts and disasters. An SMS photo sharing feature could help expand this coverage.

The one draw back is that it's only available on the following carriers:

US: AT&T, Verizon and Cellular South
UK: Vodafone, O2, and Orange
Italy: Vodafone
Canada: Rogers Communications
Bahrain: VIVA
Brazil: TIM

Twitter says they will continue to work with carriers to get more onboard. [Twitter]

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