Twitter Adds Video Support So You Can Watch Ads, Err, Message Friends

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Twitter added two new services today to a) help people DM bomb lots of people at the same time and b) try to compliment Vine with (slightly longer) in-app ad support video support.

Yes, Twitter now lets you capture, edit, and share video directly from the Twitter app. Unsurprisingly, the video interface looks a lot like Vine, which Twitter acquired in 2012, except instead of seven-second clips, you can create videos as long as half a minute. The interface is primarily made up of thumbnails of clips in your camera roll. You can also choose to shoot a new video on the spot and upload to Twitter.

This move is probably motivated, in part, by other platforms like Facebook and Instagram steadily adding video support in their timeline, and also to (obviously) gives companies the opportunity to flood the internet with their carefully crafted 30-second ads. So adding video for Twitter is a win-win, for all us—maybe not so much. Thankfully, Twitter promises that videos won't immediately begin playing in your feed, so you can choose whether or not to listen to one of your followers' (or advertisers') visual piece of genius.


And now here's NPH giving us an idea of how all of this is all going to work:

That's not the only new feature Twitter is ready to roll out. All users now have group DM superpowers and can include up to 20 people in a single message. It's a feature that Twitter has sorely missed for some time, and as a result, has lost at least some users who migrated to other chat platforms like GroupMe, WhatsApp, or really any other messaging service. You can included any of your followers to start the chat, but the participants don't need to be followers with absolutely everyone because that would be a massive headache and unforgivably annoying.

These new updates will be rolling out to the Twitter's Android and iOS apps over the next few days. Happy tweeting. [Twitter Blog]


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While video is hardly revolutionary, it's nice to see Twitter making some changes. Video could actually be a game changer for businesses. While facebook video last year was shown to outpace Youtube for brand awareness and Youtube changing the way businesses are seen in the newsfeed, Twitter could become the go to social media tool for businesses.…