Is a Gif Search Engine the Last Missing Feature That Was Keeping You From Using Twitter?

In a move aimed at persuading more young internet-type people to use Twitter, Jack Dorsey and friends are integrating Gif search into its social network, following many messaging apps’ footsteps. The integrated search is a combined partnership between venerable Gif havens Giphy and Riffsy.


As seen up top, the new conspicuously placed “play” button icon in either a tweet or a direct message will bring up Gif search engine, so you can animate your web prose instead of keeping your thoughts imprisoned to only 140 characters.

This is hardly the first app to add Gif search—both Tinder and Slack use similar features powered by Giphy. Twitter says starting today the new feature will roll out on Android and iOS worldwide in the coming weeks. So please, start using Twitter, ok?

[Twitter via The Verge]

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I don’t use Twitter because it’s way too easy for people to utterly destroy your life. I don’t need to expose myself to internet mobs