We spent a long time begging Twitter for two-step verification, and we were pumped to finally get it. Now, an update to the service's Android and iOS apps are taking it a step further, and making it even better.


The improvements include in-app authentication that doesn't require to wait for an SMS. It's sort of like a built-in Twitter version of Google Authenticator, except without any pesky codes to enter. And now, you've got the option of getting some one-use backup codes just incase things really go to shit. And, perhaps best of all, this all means that you can finally have more than one secured Twitter account tied to the same phone number. Hoorah!

For the cherry on top, you'll also get a handy little control panel where you can keep track of all login requests, so you can catch phishers a mile away. All you've got to do is turn it on under "Security" in the new app.

We've come a long way from begging for two-step. It took a while, but it feels good. If you haven't set anything up (for shame!) you can check out the detailed instructions over on the Twitter blog. [Twitter]

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