TWO "found footage" movies about time travel in the pipeline

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We've had a slew of "found footage" horror movies lately, along with the superhero film Chronicle and the space movies Apollo 18 and Europa Report. So what's next? Apparently, "found footage" time travel movies.


According to Hollywood Reporter, there are two competing found footage-style movies about time travel.

Dreamworks is making Glimmer, starring Jeremy Allen White (Shameless) in a story about a time portal. Ringan Ledgwidge, who has directed a lot of commercials, is directing from a script by Carter Blanchard that made the prestigious Black List of unproduced screenplays — and Josh Schwartz (Chuck) did a rewrite. Here's how The Wrap describes the plot of Glimmer:

A group of teenagers take a camping trip to investigate a series of missing persons and wind up discovering a portal that takes them back in time and traps them in the 1970s. When one of them changes the past, the effects start to snowball with tragic consequences.

Meanwhile, there's Almanac, which is being directed by first-time director Dean Israelite from a script by first-time writers Andrew Stark and Joseph Pagan — but Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes partners are producing. It's a movie about a time machine, and Jonny Weston and Sofia Black-D'Elia are in talks to star.

Bear in mind, though, that there was a huge boomlet in alien-themed "found footage" movies coming at one point — in addition to Apollo 18, which made it to the screen, there was Area 51 from Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli, and an untitled film from Independence Day's Roland Emmerich. Neither of the latter two ever made it to theaters, although Peli actually filmed his. So we'll see if both of these actually materialize. Found footage movies are cheap to film, and easy to kill.

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I defy anyone to name ONE found footage film that was great...or even good.