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Glory be to USB. Because just days after Rock Band's release, hardware enthusiasts have gotten the Xbox 360 and PS3 drum kits working on PC. But the methodology for each is different. The Xbox 360 version appears to work by making the drum kit become recognized as the already PC-supported Xbox 360 controller. It's not such a complicated idea since, after all, the drum kit is already built to replace many of the standard controller's functions. The hack requires about 10 steps of intermediate work—not bad, but the PS3 version is way easier:


Probably because of the PS3's more open platform, the USB drum kit is automatically recognized in Windows. And with a little midi mapping, you can be rocking out in minutes.

Xbox 360 Hack

PS3...Sorta Hack

Verdict: if you want the Rock Band drums on your PC, buy the PS3 version.

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