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The limitations of typing on a touchscreen hinder how effective tablets can be as productivity tools. There is hope, though, at least for iPad users. This TypeWay keyboard supposedly makes things easier, by adapting the key layout for each user.


Like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, the TypeWay replacement keyboard learns and remembers, automatically adjusting the layout and placement of keys depending on your typing style, skill level, or habits. It's basically the first ergonomic on-screen keyboard that can still lead to repetitive stress injuries.

If you happen to find a layout that works particularly well for you, you can freeze the keys' positions at any time, or save a specific layout for later use if you still want to experiment. At $6 it isn't the cheapest iPad app in the App Store, but if it succeeds in making the iPad's keyboard useful for long-form typing, consider it a cheaper alternative to an external wireless keyboard. [TypeWay via Chip Chick]

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