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TyTN Business Smartphone Launches in Europe

Illustration for article titled TyTN Business Smartphone Launches in Europe

Commence the singing of songs with word that the TyTN is making its debut this month in Europe. Last month, we (well, Dave from Mobility Today) dropped a hands-on look at the HTC TyTN, the business smartphone that's currently the "it" girl in the tech world. This smartphone combines a spacious 2.8-inch display with more than enough horsepower for such a device. A 400MHz CPU lies at the heart of the TyTN, while 128MB of RAM, a 2-megapixel camera and 802.11g Wi-Fi round out the more vital features. Perhaps surprisingly, its USB connectivity is only of the 1.1 variety, a rarity in 2006.


The TyTN, complete with support for EDGE and quad-band GSM, hits stores with a price tag of around $860 when not subsidized by a mobile carrier.


HTC TyTN business phone hitting store shelves [infoSync World]

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yeah that 1.1usb is a real flaccidator for me. I bought a 512mb mp3 player once that only had usb 1.1, and i swear i'll never use another device that is only usb 1.1 (where transfering is concerned)