US Vows to Protect Japan From Cyberattacks

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US authorities have vowed to extend their cyber defense capabilities to Japan, in order to help the country fend off digital attacks against its military bases and hard infrastructure.

The US-Japan Cyber Defense Policy Working Group announced over the weekend that there is a “growing level of sophistication among malicious cyber actors, including non-state and state-sponsored actors.” Japan has been slow to build its cyber defense capabilities though: its current digital defense unit has around 90 members, compared to over 6,000 people at the Pentagon, reports Reuters.

With cyber attacks from China and North Korea a very real threat, and “assaults on government websites... now being detected ever few seconds,” according to Reuters, the US is stepping in to lend a hand. US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has, apparently, met with his Japanese equal Gen Nakatani to discuss the cyber weapons the U.S. has to offer. For its part, Japan has said that it’s committed to contributing to “efforts for addressing various cyber threats, including those against Japanese critical infrastructure and services utilized by the Japan Self-Defense Forces and U.S. Forces.”



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We can’t even protect ourselves (see recent IRS records leak). How the heck are we going to protect them?