Uber Just Hired the Car Hackers That Stopped Chrysler In Its Tracks

Uber has hired the hackers behind one of the most terriyfing hacks in recent memory.

You’ll remember Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek as the security researchers who last month demonstrated their ability to stop Chrysler vehicles in their tracks remotely by hacking their internet connected powers. As we shared at the time, the hack affected an estimated 500,000 vehicles. After publicizing the hack, Chrysler recalled 1.4 million cars.


In other words: Miller and Valasek made a huge contribution to public safety. They are consumer champions.

Today, Raffi Krikorian of Uber’s Advanced Technologies center in Pittsburgh announced that the duo would be starting at the center next week. The center has been working on autonomous car technologies. No word on what the duo will be working on specifically, though.

Miller and Valasek are obviously competent technologists, but let’s not under estimate the PR Power of hiring publicly recognizable hackers. In recent memory, Facebook hired a guy who hacked Facebook and Yo hired the guys who hacked Yo. Add “car company hires guys who hacked cars” to the list.



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