Ugh, Verizon Plastered Its Logo on the Samsung Galaxy Note II Home Button

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This is awful. Utterly, completely, corporate suit wearing, slicked back hair smelling, awful. Verizon stamped its logo on top of the new Samsung Galaxy Note II. Do you see it? Yes. That's right, the Verizon logo is on the freaking phone's home button. Covering it. Are you kidding me.


It looks like a joke or a poor Photoshop job but it's not. The Samsung Galaxy Note II on Verizon actually has a Verizon logo home button. There is nothing good about this. You can be the CEO of goddamn Verizon and make millions of dollars but if you have a semblance of a soul, you would hate this. You can be the biggest fan of the Verizon logo ever and draw elongated check marks in the margin of your papers for fun but if you have any taste, you would hate this.

All phones already spell out the carrier name in the corner of the screen, a lot of phones have the carrier branding on the back of the phone and some carriers are even so bold to slap their logo on the front face of the phone but... on the home button? Really? That's a freaking face tattoo. No. That's a nose tattoo. Every time you look at your big, beautiful phone, you're going to see those inked up nostrils and be reminded that you owe Verizon your entire life. That's really the only reason why Verizon would do this. To remind you that they own you and that you have to pay penance to the Holy V to use Samsung's giant phone.


Any time you click the home button, you know you have a triple digit monthly bill waiting for you. Want to go back to the home screen? Oh yeah, let Verizon remind you that you have thousands of dollars signed away on contract. It's the devil showing his face everywhere you look. It's disgusting that Verizon would do this and incredibly spineless that Samsung would let them. Ugh. Everything is awful.

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How is this any different than the SAMSUNG logo at the very top of the device?