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Ultimate 103-inch Plasma HDTV Play Date Roundup

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

So last Friday, Wilson, intern Benny, videographer Alex, and myself ventured out to the putrid hellscape of New Jersey to visit the Panasonic US headquarters. What could entice us out of NYC into the insufferable suburban pits of the Jerz? Panasonic's $70,000, 103-inch plasma TV, with the promise that we'd get to play with it all afternoon. It was awesome. If you missed any of the fun we had with it, here's a handy roundup of items detailing our day with the behemoth.

-Uncrating a 103-inch Plasma (Gallery) : You don't unbox a TV this big, you uncrate it.

-Hands-On with the Panasonic 103-inch HDTV : Yeah, it's pretty big.

-Giz Plays With Tests the 103-Inch Panasonic Plasma (Verdict: Duuuuuhhhh) : Our full-on review of the beast.

-103-inch HDTV + Xbox 360 = Nerdgasm : My vision is still kind of blurry from standing this close.

-Video of Me Playing Xbox 360 Games on a 103-inch Plasma HDTV : Bioshock on this thing was just as awesome as it sounds.

-Wii Tennis and an Attempted Pantsing of the 103-inch Plasma : It didn't even come close to fitting in my pants, surprisingly enough. I'm no Chen.