Ultra-HD Military F-16 Flight Simulator Runs on 120 PC Graphic Cards

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This is the HD World, an amazing ultra-high definition military F-16 simulator that runs on 120 Intel Dual Core PCs with $400 graphic cards inside a special industrial casing. Looking at this video, I want one in my living room.

L-3 Link says that their simulator gives you 20-40 visual acuity—current sims do 20-80—which it is almost close enough to fool the eye. 20-20 is perfect visual acuity, but it's still not possible with current projector technology.

Click to viewThe simulator runs on their Simusphere—a 180-degree of field display that uses nine projectors combined—and 120 networked Intel Dual Core PCs with stock, top of the line graphic cards. Not as large as the Mersive 360-degree combat simulator but much more accurate and visually impressive.


Click to viewIn fact, according to the company, the 120 networked PCs give you the most complex and accurate flight simulator out there, with high-fidelity environments, actual world destruction and explosions with physics simulation, and up to 10,000 simultaneous entities on screen in urban environments. All while running the actual F-16 operational program. I don't know if it is the most complex and accurate, but I have to find a way to get one of these. Pronto. [Military.com]