Illustration for article titled Ultra-Shapable E-Ink Becomes Reality This Fall

How many concept products have we shown featuring some form of curved or oddly shaped E-Ink display? A pillion?* Thankfully, the good people at E-Ink have seen fit to make these dreams come true: New "ultra-moldable" E-Ink cells are 40% thinner, can be cut into unique shapes, and even curved. This doesn't mean they're bendy, but it does mean you will be one step closer to achieving that bionic soldier-of-fortune look you'd like to cultivate to woo the ladies. The first product to be demonstrated is this humble but high functioning Delphi keychain. In the world of novelty keychains alone, the possibilities seem limitless. [Electronista]
*I am not entirely sure there is such a quantity as a "pillion," but there should be.


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