Vie GPS Sports Glove Does it All

Designer Du Tran Nguyen envisions the Verva Vie Sports Glove as the ultimate piece of sporting equipment. Like many current products, the Vie would allow users to use GPS to develop workouts, map routes and send out distress beacons. However, this concept takes those technologies a step further by offering an interface that can be controlled with one hand thanks to strain gauges embedded in the glove fingers that interact with an E-ink screen.


The designer suggests that the Vie could also be used in other sports to communicate plays or to share information with other athletes with a simple handshake. Since safety is a primary concern, one application of this technology would be to share health information with training partners. If a user is in danger, a distress signal could be sent to other gloves, or directly to the police or hospital in the case of a serious emergency. Since the device would also be monitoring vitals, this would even include SOS signals at the first signs of heart failure—a good thing considering that you will probably be around 90 by the time this thing sees the light of day. In the meantime the Garmin Forerunner 405 would be a suitable substitute. [Design Awards via Gizmowatch via Gearfuse]


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