Ultralight Knives, Convertible Tents And Working With Dogs: What’s New Outside

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It’s the dog days of August, so you’ll want to read this ode to working dogs. And cool down by watching a couple of nut jobs climb an iceberg. And check out the innovations in this new line of ultralight climbing knives. Here’s what’s new outside.

An Ode To The Working Dog: Our friend Will knows horses. So that means he knows working dogs too. Here’s a personal story about his life with two of the best there’ve ever been. [Outside]

A Backcountry First Aid Workshop: Want to learn more about first aid in the wilderness from the lightest of ultralight hikers? Andrew Skurka is doing an online, collaborative workshop later this week. [Sierra Designs]

Ultralight Climbing Knives: At just .6oz, this little folder from the legendary Hans Florine is just the thing for an emergency backup, anywhere you go. That it’s also only $40 just sweetens the deal. Check out his full range, but avoid that cheap-looking multitool. [CRKT]


Convertible Tents: Sierra Designs makes some of the most livable backpacking tents out there. And this new-for-2016 Nightwatch pushes that even further with a convertible rain fly that allows you to retain shade and privacy while still giving you a full view of the night sky. [TheGearCaster]


Make Your Own Surf Spike For Beach Fishing: It’s easy and cheap, but keeps the sand out of your fragile reel and leaves your hands free for more important tasks, like drinking beer. [AllOutdoor]


What We Did This Weekend: Ty and I roasted a whole pig over a fire to celebrate his marriage. Wiley at so much of it that he hasn’t been able to walk for two days. We’re going to show you how to do the same later this week.

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