Ultraman takes on a whole space fleet, with the help of some pirates

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Here's the latest trailer for the fantastic new Ultraman movie, in which he faces off against roughly a billion spaceships. The trailer features pirates (in classic 18th-century garb), laser eyes, and a robot hand that crushes an entire planet!

We can't stop re-watching this trailer over and over again — it's for the next Ultraman movie, which comes out in December. This year's Ultraman extravaganza is called Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire. And if you need to ask why the title needs to be so long, then you're not the target audience for this film. If last year's Ultraman film was all about giant monsters having larger-than-life battles, this year's outing is all about the space smackdowns. There's approximately ten awesome things in every frame of this trailer:

And here's the poster:


[via Twitch Film and Undead Backbrain]