Unattended Pinhole Camera: "It's a Bomb!"

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Part of Central Washington University was shut down for four hours after campus police stumbled across a homemade pinhole camera, believing it was a bomb. After calling in the army explosive team, they discovered it was some poor photographer's project.


As you probably know, pinhole cameras can be left alone for months at a time, often to track the rising sun, moon and stars. They produce great photos the longer they're left, so it's not known if this particular duct tape-covered pinhole camera managed to film anything worth showing off. Not that I'd blame the photographer if they chose not to come forward and collect their pinhole camera, after all of Tuesday's excitement. [The Seattle Times via PetaPixel]

Image Credit (note: not the pinhole camera from Central Washington University) Andeecollard



gotta agree with campus police here, you never know these days. Contacting them before hand, and perhaps having a signed sticker from the police on the item would have helped. But then, someone could have taken that container and actually placed a bomb in it and placed it back... ugghh. It's sad, but we don't live in world where you can do these types of things anymore.