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If you've been dying to commune with your unborn baby more meticulously, take a note from the Koreans and pick up Daeyang's new Baby IQ, which will soon be available here in in US. Cutely resembling a baby bottle, the point of this product is to amplify the sounds of your baby's kicks, hiccups and heartbeat so you can "bond with your offspring." Ah, I love marketing copy. You can even record all this for your baby to listen to once its born (supposedly, the prenatal heartbeat soothes newborns). And if you want to go the other way, you can also amplify your voice to talk or sing to your child as well as play music to them. I'd suggest staying away from Marilyn Manson and Cat Stevens. No word on when we'll actually see it or pricing just yet, but I'm sure expectant parents everywhere are ratcheting up their baby playlists as we speak.

Product Page [Baby IQ]