Unconfirmed: Activate the iPhone With Extra iPhone

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Most people know by now that the iPhone is essentially a brick without a contract and activation. But a lot of the phone's features don't require phone service at all, like WiFi and music playback. And pending that you have two iPhones handy, we have unconfirmed instructions on how to activate those latent features without a contract, after the jump.


1.) Obtain 2 iPhones

2.) Plug in iPhone #1 In iTunes select "I am a new AT&T Wireless Customer" and "Activate 2 or more phones on an individual or FamilyTalk Plan."

3.) Follow the steps for the FamilyTalk plan and enter "Cell Number X" to port a number over from another provider (e.g. Sprint)

4.) When the you receive the "Activation Complete" e-mail, plug in iPhone #2.

5.) Select the option "I am an existing AT&T (Cingular) wireless customer" and "Replace a phone on my account with this iPhone"

6.) Fill in the information re-using "Cell Number X." Allow the iPhone #2 to activate using this number. This number will be legit.

7.) Plug in iPhone #2, it will unlock the phone for use, but without a cell phone number assigned or account from AT&T.


The Gizmodo labs have yet to test the procedure, but the logic behind it makes a lot of sense—because we're doubting that Apple will de-activate iPhones given the potential risks. But if you're wary, let other people try this procedure first.

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ok but yeah you can go and walk around with 2-3 devices while i walk around with this one computer.

You're more likely to get robbed for an iphone than an ipod.

Lets be serious i would do this but i would only do that to put it to t-mobile, or another company that uses GSM.

I would take it to another country try it out and if it works then sell and buy make a 10% profit and keep doing that.

If you can unlock the iphone it most likely is able to sim unlock.

You could go to france and get an orange chip i think its called or a Cingular sim if they have Cingular and just see how it works.

You may not be able to use internet on it but most likely able to use instant messaging and text messages.