Unconfirmed: Get $100 off Apple Hardware Over the Phone

Update: Looks like my brain completely shut down when I read the Consumerist post the first time. Apparently, the rumor is this: you can save $100 on Apple hardware (not the iPhone) when you order over the phone and play coy and say their hardware is too expensive. It has nothing to do with the iPhone. Apologies to all.

See the original idiot post of mine after the jump.

Save $100 At Apple By Being A Tease Over The Phone? [Consumerist]

Our life-hating sisters over at Consumerist have an unconfirmed tip on how to save $100 when you get an iPhone on June 29. If you walk into an Apple store, browse around, and whine to the customer sales rep about the iPhone being cost prohibitively expensive ("Oh, I'd get one but the price is a kick in the iBalls"), they can take $100 off your order just like that.


To us, this sounds both too good to be true and fantastically, ridiculously fake. Odd, yes, but we know that Apple's not going to let sales reps take off $100 for no reason than some shmuck hemming and hawing over the price. When have they ever done that before?

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