Unconfirmed: iPhone Data Plan Revealed

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Boy Genius has a tip from a "high up source" that the iPhone data plan is going to be around $34.99 to $44.99, have unlimited data, and somewhere between 2000 text messages to unlimited text messages. Oh, and it may just be called the iPlan.

Here's another interesting detail. FedEx is supposedly delivering iPhone shipments on Friday, which means that 6PM release time was totally calculated to make sure there are actually phones in stock when the doors open.


Also, there's going to be teams of FedEx drivers making the iPhone runs—so unless you plan on wrestling two men instead of one to make off with an iPhone shipment, we wouldn't risk it.

iPhone data plan dubbed the iPlan? [Boy Genius Report - Thanks Tim!]

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What I love about this is that this will be the product to separate the true Apple fanatics from people who simply appreciate Apple products. This is your chance to prove that you love Apple and worship Steve Jobs more than anyone. Sign your name on the iPlan and watch $100 per month be sucked from your bank account in the name of the gods that live in Cupertino.

Even better, it serves as an early warning signal for those that are a bit more level-headed.