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Apple Maps Should Get Way Better After HopStop Acquisition

Illustration for article titled Apple Maps Should Get Way Better After HopStop Acquisition

Well, well, well. Looks like Apple is doubling down on its Maps efforts leading up to the launch of iOS 7. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has acquired HopStop marking the second maps-related acquisition for the day. Update: Apple has confirmed the acquisition to AllThingsD.


Launched back in 2005, HopStop has been directing lost souls with its transit guides in over 140 US cities and six other countries. A recent update lets users report real-time service updates for subway lines. The addition of HopStop to Apple's Maps app would certainly bolster the, um, lack of subway directions.

Earlier today it was announced that Apple had acquired Locationary to boost its mapping apps. This is good news for Apple Maps users and might actually put the much beleaguered app on par with Google Maps. Maybe. [Bloomberg]


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Well, they've already tried to litigate their way to success (with mixed results). Why shouldn't they now try to acquire their way to success. They've got the cash after all, and is less of a possible PR issue. I think its a better move then suing everyone under the sun.