Under $20 electronic kits - learn electronics on the cheap!

Greetings Makers, hackers and wannabe builders! - We know holiday gift budgets are shrinking - a lot of us will have more time than money next year. It's not all bad news - it's good for building things and learning new skills - if you're going to spend your hard earned cash consider spending it on something that gives back, FOR YOUR MIND. Here are things to get your started in electronics for $20 or less - A kit to learn about electronics - something to hack and mod: A DIY iPhone charger that fits in an Altoids tin, magically spell words in the air, a singing pencil kit (Picture Pages!), hack your phone's SIM card, learn all about micro-controllers and much much more.... All at the Maker Shed! Select an image or link to view more: MintyBoost USB Charger Kit v2.0 MiniPOV- An Inexpensive Persistence of Vision SIM Card Reader/Writer Kit Drawdio Kit


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