Written and directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson, the 2008 Academy Award-nominated documentary Under Our Skin explores and exposes one of our nation's most threatening and least regarded epidemic illnesses: Lyme disease.


Through expert interviews with doctors and specialists, and personal accounts from men and woman diagnoses and suffering with Lyme to varying degrees, Under Our Skin paints a picture of a debated disease that hundreds of thousands claim to suffer from, but which many healthcare professionals disregard as nothing more than a cry for attention, a psychosomatic illness, a fabricated collection of imagined symptoms: a farce.

The interviewees display a host of seemingly genuine neurological symptoms and manifestations of incredible full-body pain. Their doctors throw out diagnoses of lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrom, ADD, syphilis, ALS, and the like. Yet the medications prescribed do nothing to relieve these patients of their symptoms. It's Science v.


Why are so many doctors flat-out refuting the presence of Lyme in so many of their patients? Why do they question whether chronic Lyme disease truly exists? The film brings up important and unsettling questions in the area of chronic illness and science and Big Pharma. And it all boils down to the tiny spiral-shaped bacteria living within the bellies of of blood-thirsty deer ticks. [Netflix]

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