Unedited: When Everyone Told Me I Was Super Dumb for Loving This 'Idiotic' Dip Bowl

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Sometimes an invention comes along that's ahead of its time. It presents a different way of looking at things that many find scary, hard to accept, or just downright confusing.

Such was the case with the Dip Clip. A simple $12 clip-on bowl that attaches to a larger bowl of chips, ensuring a delicious dip is always close at hand. It's staggeringly simple but innovative, but sadly it seems the world isn't quite ready for such a leap of snacktime innovation. Here's how it was greeted in our Gizmodo chat room:

Andrew L. also, I think this be brilliant, behold the dip clip! http://www.shopatron.com/products/produ…


Barrett wait what
that is a terrible chip-to-dip ratio
Wagner that is insufficient dip for the supplied chips
Andrew L. you are all over dipping
Sam B. I think that dip clip is so awesome
Leslie H. i think its ugly
Adrian C. canadians and their disdain for big flavors
Andrew L. perhaps you are all using the wrong chips
Barrett how are you guys not seeing the chip-to-dip frustrations that will come of this
Adrian C. i am agreeing with you
Barrett in canada "salsa" is just ketchup
Andrew L. flavor should come from both, also, maybe your salsa is watered down too?
Barrett no I know adrian, you're on the side of righteousness, I mean andrew and biddle
this is about to get ugly
Michael H. has there EVER been a proper dip to chip ratio?
the dip ALWAYS runs out first
Jesus that's terrible
not for expert dippers
Barrett you could dip maybe three chips with what's in that clip
Jesus expert dippers like Wagner always get it perfectly
Sam B. I usually just pour my salsa directly onto the chips and then eat it iwth a spoon
Andrew L. it sounds like these expert dippers have been misled
Sam B. mashed together
chipmash, we used to call it at home
Andrew L. haha, I also agree with sam there
Sam B. "kids, I made chipmash"
Barrett so hey, let's post this as an unedited
Jesus is there anything more satisfying than grabbing the last scoop of salsa with the last chip?
Casey C. just buy two dip clips
Andrew L. breakfast of champions
Casey C. you dip lovers
Barrett andrew could you just take the camp transcript and use that as the post please
Jesus I love to dip
Leslie H. why would you buy even one of those clips?
Jesus dip and dunk
Leslie H. ugly
Andrew L. will do, minus this bit
Jesus fucking hell I love to dip and dunk
Sam B. what you guys are missing
Barrett thank you sir
Sam B. is that the clip is NOT at capacity
by any means
you could put maybe 3x hte amount of salsa pictured
into that clip
Adrian C.


Jesus Sam has a point
Leslie H. hey brent your guy with the "awesome" sexy and i know it cover was on the today show this morning
Sam B. pile it on
Barrett great so nine chips
Jesus Adrian wins
Barrett you can dip nine chips with a dip clip
Jesus and Andrew, unedited means unedited
Sam B. sorry we're not at cafe fuego
Joe OK,
Wagner When Everyone Told Me I Was Super Dumb for Loving This Idiotic Dip Bowl


[DCI via 7Gadgets]