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Unicorn Chaser: We're Not Backing Out of Halo

Illustration for article titled Unicorn Chaser: Were Not Backing Out of Halo

Hey folks, that "forfeit" post the traitor Mark Wilson posted? That's fake. We're not backing out of our Halo match tonight. In fact, Kotaku is going down. Hard. In fact, I think they're even a little scared. [BTW, the Tubgirl was my call, not Jason's. He's a nice guy. So send your mail my way, not his. If not, continue to bathe in the afterglow of a wonderful retaliatory prank, and enjoy the unicorn chaser. Thanks for having a good sense of humor. - B.Lam]


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I'm pretty amazed at the lame-brain children on this site that think that this sort of thing is funny. Go ahead children, go on about working instead of web browsing, or grow some balls or take a joke. Some people like this site because some articles are funny and others have notable tech-related stories and releases (which is why I came here in the first place). Pranks are fun and make the site more enjoyable, but not when it's sick garbage that lacks all humor and only caters to those that revel in the grotesque.

I'm lucky that no one checks the servers for anything other than emails, and that I'm in an office by myself and no one checks the history (which I clean out regularly now thanks to Gizmodo)