Unique Photo Shows the Ridiculous Size of America's First Spaceships

Illustration for article titled Unique Photo Shows the Ridiculous Size of Americas First Spaceships

One of the things that always shocks me when I go to the Kennedy Space Center is the tiny size of the Mercury (left) and Gemini (right) capsules—the missions that jumpstarted the American space exploration program. This unique photo clearly shows how ridiculous these tin cans are.


It also shows how big the astronauts' gonads were. Look at them! These guys were actually strapping themselves to oversized photo booths attached to metal cylinders full of a few tons of explosive fuel. Even Gemini—designed to carry two humans and rendezvous in orbit—looks stupidly small. [Crooked Indifference]

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I like it how suddenly, every picture and video from the first part of the 20th century is suddenly in full colour. Where was this until now??