Universal Hopes You'll Actually Watch Blu-ray Special Features If They're iPhone Apps

Illustration for article titled Universal Hopes Youll Actually Watch Blu-ray Special Features If Theyre iPhone Apps

As many collector's editions DVDs as I've bought, I've never watched the special features. Which might be why Universal is turning them into apps for your iPhone, and letting you use it as a virtual remote for your Blu-ray player.


Fast and the Furious on July 28 will be the first Blu-ray movie to go all iPhoney, where you'll be able to use it to spin cars around in a virtual garage with an app you grab in the App Store. Yes, this is their brilliant plan for engrossing you even more deeply in the movie. Movies coming out later this year will let you download actual stuff onto your iPhone—because you've always wanted a portable version of the making of The Mummy—and tell all your friends you're watching Mallrats on Facebook and Twitter.

You'll need a BD-Live player to get in on all this awesome internet shit, since it works over the internet because it harnesses the power of the WEB, oh yeah. [Home Media Magazine via AppleInsider]

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To spark slaes maybe offer outtakes and extended scenes for comedies and make it so you don't have to own the disc. Seem's fairly simple. No one cares about Fast and Furious. Cut it out Universal or you may end up like Fox.