Unlucky Thief Steals iPhone With Live GPS-Tracking App Running

Jordan Sturm was probably stunned when her iPhone was suddenly snatched away by a bike-riding thief. I know I was when the exact same thing happened to me—except unlike Jordan, I wasn't testing a live GPS-tracking app.

Apparently Jordan was in the middle of testing out a product called Alert & Respond—which is explained as being an app that allows for live GPS-tracking of an iPhone—when an unlucky thief decided to make her his victim. It didn't take the woman long to recover and call her company who proceeded to guide police officers to the thief's exact location. The fellow was arrested about ten minutes after his unlucky decision and booked for suspicion of grand theft and possession of stolen property.


I can't even imagine how satisfying it was for Jordan to watch that arrest and get the iPhone back—mostly because the chubby bike-rider who took mine was never caught. [SF Gate]

The photo above was taken by richardmasoner and is not of the thief in question but rather simply used for illustrative purposes.

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