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Upcoming Mii Channel Silently Announced

During the Nintendo Keynote, Nintendo's Miyamoto quietly slipped in a tidbit about an upcoming Wii channel. He said this new channel—as yet unnamed—is going to be a popularity channel where you can compare your Miis to other users and hold popularity contests and vote on the best Mii.


No release date, but this does sound interesting. Maybe they're working on a Home-like feature?

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Sean Harrington

I don't know about the specifics of the drive, but the Wii game discs are definitely hybrid DVDs, so it seems logical that they could (with the proper software) play standard DVDs and CDs (and probably VCDs, etc as well).

And how about opening up that damned USB port so we can do something NORMAL with it, like read contents of flash drives, or use it for storage, or standard USB devices like keyboards or PC joysticks?