The good news here is that manufacturers are already patching their products against future FragAttacks, just in case. Yesterday, for example, Microsoft issued three separate updates to address three of the more common vulnerabilities and applied these patches to Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7. If any of those are your OS of choice, you should update those devices ASAP. Netgear, meanwhile, already put up an advisory page about these attacks, saying that the company has already pushed out a few patches for some of their products, with more on the way.


Even if your devices aren’t patched yet, Vanhoef recommended some basic cybersecurity tips to keep yourself safe from any fraggers hiding in the shadows: use a strong, unique Wi-Fi password, and make sure you’re connecting to websites using the HTTPS encryption protocol whenever possible.

Read more details about wifi FragAttacks on Vanhoef’s website here.

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