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The Nokia 9300i is a business phone if ever there was one. Nicknamed "Communicator," it's not small and it's certainly not trying to fit into any pants pocket. With a full keyboard, WLAN connectivity, Bluetooth, 65,536-color screen and support of many email solutions, it's a high-end product for the down-and-dirty business traveler. With the addition of WiFi, you can now use the data connection to download large files or email attachments and the 80MB of memory sure doesn't hurt. Of course, there's also an MMC slot which lets you expand the memory up to 2GB—perfect for spreadsheets, presentations and all kinds of documents. It supports E-GPRS (EDGE) and WLAN 802.11g, five-party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone and multiple email clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect, Nokia Business Center, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile. And we can even get it here in the US by first quarter 2006.


Nokia 9300i Communicator now with WiFi [Phoneyworld]

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