Upgrade Your Kid's Crude Fridge Box Fort to a Detailed Cardboard Spaceship

Turning a giant refrigerator box into an intergalactic spaceship is easy with enough imagination and tin foil. But why wait for an appliance to fail when this detailed cardboard space pod kit will inspire even more imaginary space missions?

Available exclusively from Target for $80, Makedo’s Space Pod kit comes with pre-printed and pre-cut cardboard panels that assemble using plastic fasteners that can be re-used for future cardboard creations. There’s no impatiently waiting for glue to dry, and your kids won’t get everything covered in duct tape while they’re building it.

Your child will need to know how to use very basic tools to put it together, but instead of having to follow an instruction manual which requires far more concentration than most kids can muster, there’s a video they can instead follow along with.


Not only does the Space Pod look like something out of NASA’s Apollo fleet, the inside features complex cardboard control panels and even handheld cardboard tools kids can use for exploration during away missions. There’s still quite a bit of imagination required for kids to truly enjoy the Space Pod, but any child not yet completely addicted to a tablet should jump at the opportunity to be an imaginary astronaut. [Makedo via Fancy]

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