Upgrade Your Kid's Wooden Train Set To a Formula 1 Circuit

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Most kids are happy to push around an empty cardboard box, so it’s no surprise they’d also settle for a boring wooden train set. But as an adult you know better, and for around $70 you can upgrade their wooden train to a high-speed Formula 1 track.

This 30-piece set from Ikonic Toys includes two wooden Formula 1 cars, a bunch of track segments, and a pit row for refuelling and swapping tires during a race.

Kids can use the set by itself to build a small and simple loop, but the pieces are also compatible with other wooden track sets like Brio. So if your child already has a sprawling metropolis on a play table, just derail those trains and turn the entire miniature city into the next Monaco Grand Prix. [Ikonic Toys via Damn Geeky]


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