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UPS Now Offers 3-D Printing Nationwide

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fresh off its 3-D printing experiment with a measly 6 stores last year, UPS is now offering 3-D printing at 100 stores nationwide. If you've ever wanted your very own tiny thing made out of plastic, your hour is here.

The printers themselves will be Stratasys uPrint SE Plus, which UPS (naturally) says are far superior to any pathetic home 3-D printers. No, these beasts automate "many of the challenging and time-consuming steps" used with home printers, and will spit out anything smaller than a bread bin or so, features which UPS say make it perfect for small businesses.


In other words: if you're a small business that frequently needs small, bespoke, plastic parts, but you can't spring for your own 3-D printer, UPS has just made your day. (Provided you live close to one of the 100 stores offering the service. Otherwise, you're shit out of luck.) [UPS]