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USB Heating Blanket Keep You Warm, Actually Looks Like a Cape

Illustration for article titled USB Heating Blanket Keep You Warm, Actually Looks Like a Cape

Global warming, schmobal warming. I don't know about the rest of the country, but it is cold as hell in the Midwest. And for those cold WoW session, this USB heating blanket should do the trick. It is available for $25 from Brando. Add in some USB heating gloves and slippers for the ultimate toasty computing experience.


Product Page [Via Red Ferret]

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I think that's not the point at all. Blankets are great, and this blanket lacks all virtues of a good one. Good blankets generally require sufficient length and width (ability to be wrapped) and some factor divided between warming and thickness—they can afford to be thin if they can keep you warm. Electric blankets have indeed proven to be pretty neat in my experience. Does this provide the necessary heat output to work? Maybe. The issue regarding the heat output aside, the math doesn't actually address the issue that you're not trying to raise your core temperature but experience a warm feeling on your skin, which doesn't actually require a large heat differential for that to happen (given that in the winter your house isn't likely more than 70 F).

Still, they can't call something like this, at 85 x 45 cm, a blanket. That's a joke. My solution remains hopping around my house in a sleeping bag, learned from little kids, and while it makes me look like an idiot and scares the cats, I stay warm and save on power bills. Oh, and laundry.