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USB Heating Gloves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Spring is supposedly here and it's allegedly not so cold during the day that one can go out in a fleece hoodie instead of a winter coat. We wouldn't know from experience, since Gawker Media recently had us fitted with house arrest anklets to keep us home typing up posts for your enjoyment. At any rate, if the weather is still so chilly as to keep you from comfortably typing on your keyboard or playing games, you might want to purchase a pair of USB heating gloves.

These wool gloves with heating elements inside have two heat settings and can rise ten degrees in five minutes, making sure your hands are toasty warm for optimal Katamari rolling. $22 for a pair, and they come with cables you can plug into any computer or game console with a USB port. These plus a Slanket and you're set for next winter!


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