Use Siri on Your Mac (Sort Of)

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Air Dictate is a clever little app that ports the power of Siri over to the Mac. Kind of. It doesn't have any of the bells and whistles of Siri (don't go starting conversations!) but rather, uses the extremely accurate speech recognition engine in Siri to dictate text to your Mac.


Basically, you talk into your iPhone 4S and words pop up on the Mac. You have to download a companion app on your Mac and make sure both the iPhone and Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network. After that, speak away and you'll see your Mac log down every word you say. Definitely worth the buck if you prefer talking to typing. [iTunes via CNET]

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Or, you know, not really at all like Siri at all. In fact this sounds EXACTLY like Windows' Speech to Text feature that comes built into the OS, except using a phone as a Mic. I'm pretty sure that functionality has been done in other apps before.

Seriously, what part of this replicates Siri?? I see no part of it answering questions, or plugging into search engines for data, or setting and reminding you of appointments, or location aware reminders, etc. This is just a speech to text dictation app. Way to lie outright Gizmodo.

I swear, there's more BS in this site than most politicians' ad campaigns.