Use Your Phone to Find Your Stuff to Find Your Phone

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I lose things a lot. Like, constantly. Bikn lets you use the things you haven't lost to find the things that have gone missing. And if you lose everything, it's got you covered too.

It's basically a system of tags and an iPhone case that make loud noises when pinged through Bikn's app. You can also locate them visually with the app, or if you manage to lose absolutely everything that you've stuck a case or tag on, there's a standalone station that will ping everything.


Battery life is a week or so for the phone case and months for the tags. The range goes to about 800 feet for the phone case, and 4 kilometers for the station. Which seems like a nice way to troll your best friend's bedroom if you're in range and want to wake him in the middle of the night. [bikn]