Users Report Incredibly Scary OnePlus 5 911 Bug [UPDATED]

Image: Gizmodo
Image: Gizmodo

Do not try this at home. Concerned OnePlus 5 users have been reporting online that they’re having difficulties making 911 calls. It’s unclear if all OnePlus 5 models suffer from the same troubling glitch, but at least three users have claimed to have the bug on their device.


Owners of the new phone posted on Reddit that every time they try to call 911, their device will abruptly reboot.

OnePlus 5 owner Nick Morrelli posted a video of him exposing the flaw on his Facebook to prove it exists, but we’d recommend you don’t try to replicate this experiment yourself.

Reddit users speculate the issue might have something to do with the phone’s GPS feature, and that it’s blocking any emergency line that uses the GPS system to provide location data to the operator.

OnePlus told Gizmodo that they’re working with customers individually to solve the issue, but it did not provide any details on the bug.

“We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue,” a One Plus spokesperson said. “We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at

Update 7/20/2017 8:12 a.m.: OnePlus told Gizmodo that it started rolling out a software update to fix the 911 bug on the OnePlus 5. The company said the update’s timing may vary by region, but that it encourages “OnePlus 5 users to download the update.” If you haven’t received a notification, check for the update by going to “Settings” and looking under “System Updates.”

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This is an all around shitty situation to be in. You don’t want to find out your phone is affected when you go to call in an emergency, but you don’t want to waste 911 resources testing it ahead of time. Hopefully the can figure out the bug, and a patch for all users fast