Let's face it, any car—no matter how fast or sexy—is still out-cooled by "Maverick" and whatever he's flying these days. But the Giugiaro Vadho, or Vadhò, is the greatest fusion of car and jet since the Batmobile. And the ubervehicle is eco-friendly because it's powered by BMW's V12 Hydrogen 7 engine. Here's more on the design from Motortrend:

The tandem two-seater bound for Geneva is said to be inspired by the aeronautics industry in an effort to give the vehicle a true jet-like experience from behind the wheel. The closed cockpit uses two adjustable joysticks to pilot the vehicle and drive by-wire tech enables the vehicle to easily adapt from left to right hand drive, or even in the center.


Love it or hate it, the Vadhò still beats the hell out of a Prius.

Bonus pic after the jump.

I've seen the future ladies and gentlemen, and it involves me wearing a flightsuit to dinner (without people looking at me crazy).

More photos of BMW-powered Giugiaro Vadho [via autoblog]


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