Valleywag Institutes Public Executions of Commenters

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Our beloved bloodbrothers at fellow Gawker site Valleywag are getting serious with bullshit commenters, with an easy and final solution: taking them out and shooting them. Well, figuratively. Public executions? We like!

Neuro: I like your thinking, not your grammar. You're fired.
Anonymous, it's against Valleywag policy to purely enjoy the comments of others. Positivity will not be tolerated.
Funmeister: Your logic does not compute.
Gawker artist Travis Hammond: Fired for that silly iPod art. Also, no one really says "ubik." If I see your art on Valleywag again, I'm calling security.
Michael Schurter, I don't get you. Fired.

Expect the same thing soon from the Giz. Who will be the first five trolls to march to the gallows? Comments? [sound of crickets, tumbleweed blows by] Anyone? Recommendations?


Comment Cull: You're Fired [Valleywag]