Vast Majority of iPhone Owners Deliriously Happy, Cured of All Ailments

Despite our verdict of "wait," a survey by the market research firm Interpret says 90 percent of iPhone owners are "extremely" or "very" satisfied with it, which the firm's chief strategy officer interprets as " pretty much off the charts." (See what I did there?) Some of the other numbers are kind of interesting, if unsurprising.


Miserly coveters-but-not-owners who were surveyed grumbled they'd only pay an average of $180 for an iPhone, for instance. One shocking number is that over a third (35 percent) paid an average $167 to break their contract with another carrier, adding at least another $100 to the iPhone cost-of-ownership calculus. Impatience much?

Also slightly unexpected is that of those surveyed, almost 30 percent were total Apple noobs, while 40 percent had never owned an iPod before. If you bought an iPhone on launch day and you're one of the 10 percent of defective humans not totally enraptured with it, just a reminder that today's your last day to make the worst mistake of your life and return it. [USA Today/Yahoo!]


@ruggels: Glad to hear it. I actually am hoping it all turns out just dandy for iPhone users, and I am looking forward to Apple dominating the cell phone market. Admittedly, my experiences in the past with AT&T will keep me from ever giving them another dime, but I am actually quite happy that this iPhone thing is working out. Secretly, I would probably bet five bucks that this AT&T thing goes ugly for a fair percentage of iPhone users — but, the iPhone itself appears to be a piece of art that will make up for much of that.