Vatican On Harry Potter: Not Likely To Lead To Hell Anymore

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Despite some religious organizations condemning any cinematic depictions of magic or the occult, Harry Potter has just gained a group of high profile new fans at the Vatican. But what's behind this unexpected new pairing?

Variety reports that L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican, has given Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a positive review, a fact even more surprising considering that the last time the newspaper had talked about Potter, it was quoting Pope Benedict XVI's comments that the books offered "subtle seductions that are barely noticeable, and... that have a deep effect and corrupt the Christian faith in souls even before it could properly grow." So what caused the turnaround? Apparently, moral ambiguity; the newspaper's review praises character development that shows that Harry has become "aware that the world of magic, which he grew up with in the past, is not exempt from malice."


If that's all it takes for the Vatican to endorse movies, we humbly but strongly suggest that the people behind the Twilight movies have at least one character in each new movie point out that vampirism may not be all blood cakes and party hats.

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