Verizon Broadband Customers Get Free Boingo Wi-Fi

Verizon's now giving free Wi-Fi access at Boingo hotspots to Verizon broadband subscribers—current FiOS customers with at least 20Mbps packages and new ones who get the 25Mbps package, and new or current DSL customers with at least 3Mbps service. Woohoo?

Verizon Broadband Better Than Ever With Free Wi-Fi

Millions of High Speed Internet and FiOS Users Now Provided Access to Thousands of On-The-Go, Wi-Fi Hotspots Across the U.S.

NEW YORK – Verizon continues to enhance its broadband service capabilities for consumers to offer competitive advantages over rival communication providers.

Since the beginning of the year, Verizon has introduced faster downstream and unprecedented upstream speeds for its all-fiber-optic FiOS Internet service; expanded the reach of its digital subscriber line-based Verizon High Speed Internet (HSI) service; and started offering mini netbook computers to customers as part of select bundle promotions.

And starting today, the company will expand Internet connection capabilities for millions of Verizon broadband customers by providing them free access to thousands of Wi-Fi connections across the U.S., reflecting the company's sharp focus on developing and deploying broadband and entertainment services.
"Wherever they go – across town or across the country — Internet users today want the freedom and flexibility of staying connected online whenever they want," said Mike Ritter, Chief Marketing Officer for Verizon Telecom. "In addition to providing in-home broadband networks and the nation's most reliable 3G wireless network, we're now offering even more connections with fast, free Wi-Fi that customers can use in their local communities and when traveling across the country."

New Verizon FiOS Internet customers who order an up-to- 25/15 Mbps* (megabits per second) or faster connection or new HSI customers who order an up-to- 3 Mbps/768 Kbps* (kilobits per second) or up-to- 7.1 Mbps/768 Kbps* connection can connect to the new Verizon Wi-Fi hotspots, at no additional charge as part of their broadband service.

The new WiFi service is also available free of charge for existing FiOS Internet customers with up-to-20 Mbps or faster packages and existing HSI customers who have either an up-to-3 Mbps or up-to- 7.1 Mbps package.

Free Verizon Wi-Fi hotspot locations include hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, convention centers and public locations across the U.S. For a list of hotspot locations, visit

"Our new free Wi-Fi connections are an ideal complement to our current netbook promotion that really enhances the value and functionality of the netbook," said Ritter. "We're making it more enticing for customers to want to use Verizon broadband services by giving them the mobility tools they need to stay connected more often and in more places."



As a FiOS customer, I tried to access it today. And trust me, as good of an idea as it is, it's full of fail.

WIndows only? FAIL

Software download required to access hotspots? FAIL

No 64-bit support? FAIL

No support for Win7? FAIL

No support for mobile devices with Wi-Fi? EPIC FAIL

Come on, Verizon... you could have done better.