Verizon Fios: FAQ For The Mighty Broadband Fiber Snake

FiOS! Verizon's Fiber Optic Home Network is hot news right now, and for good reason. When you're talking about 30Mbit speeds, geeks are listening. And drooling. Here's some info from actual FiOS subscribers and their FAQ at Broadband Reports.

Verizon FiOS Pricing:

5mbps/2mbps for $39.95

15mbps/2mbps for $49.95

30mbps/5mbps for $199.95 [$54.95 in specific areas]


"$54.95 In Specific Areas" WTF? Do they mean Heaven?

Coverage maps, user reviews, and interesting restrictions after the jump. If you're a FiOS subscriber, tell us how you like your optic line.

Does Verizon FiOS have hidden bandwidth caps?

At the present time, FiOS does not impose any hidden bandwidth caps, etc.

What about Port 80 - is it blocked?

Yes, inbound Port 80 is blocked, on residential and dynamic IP business accounts. However, Port 80 is opened on business accounts, that include static IP addressing.

Can I get a static IP address?

Yes, but you'll need to switch to the FiOS business plan.

Here's a link to a coverage google map. Lots of east coast, Texas, and Southern California users, with a few subscribers in Seattle and Florida.

FAQ, Coverage Map, Forums, User Reviews, for FIOS [Broadband Reports]

Fios [Verizon]


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