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Click to viewA reader of ours recently canceled decided to cancel his Verizon contract early just to buy an iPhone. Through some sort of ESP, Verizon sent a "why don't you love me anymore I have music too and can change" email that probably came with an e-card and set of virtual flowers...right alongside his "welcome to Apple" email. Read the full story from our reader after the jump.

Yesterday, I finally sacked up and dropped four big ones + tax onthe iPhone. Yes, Apple's obscenely aggressive advertising campaign got me...Yes, I'm going to pay $175 dollars to get out of my
Verizon wireless plan.

Apparently, Verizon Wireless somehow caught wind of my plan. Apple sent me their email confirmation about my iPhone. Not 4 minutes later, an email popped into my inbox from Verizon touting the

multifunction capabilities of the LG Chocolate. Coincidence? Maybe. Fate? Definitely not. Creepy? Hell yes. The only emails I've ever gotten from them are billing notices.


I just love the side-by-side emails in this shot. It's like a soap opera for tech heads...minus the iPhone brain tumors and Verizon amnesia.


I haven't actually canceled my verizon service yet, so...that's the creepy part. I don't even have the iPhone yet. I just ordered the phone online. Then the email came.


UPDATE: It's confirmed that non-iPhone customers are getting the email too. Still funny.

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